Public relations (PR) strategies have evolved significantly with the advent of digital technologies, creating a divide between traditional and non-traditional approaches. As a premier Manchester PR agency, Hivemind Creative Marketing invites you to join us as we navigate the dichotomy of old school and new school PR, illustrating how both can contribute to a well-rounded communication strategy.

Traditional PR: The Resilient Veteran

Traditional PR utilises time-honoured platforms such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines to reach audiences. Despite the digital revolution, traditional media outlets remain influential, with many individuals still tuning into TV and radio broadcasts, and some subscribing to print publications. As your trusted Manchester marketing agency, we acknowledge the power of traditional PR in generating brand exposure and shaping public opinion.

Typically, traditional PR focuses on fostering positive relationships between consumers and brands. Activities include coordinating events, managing crisis communications, and distributing press releases to traditional media outlets. Though traditional PR’s impact can be challenging to measure, elements like the tone of media coverage can provide valuable indicators of campaign success.

Non-traditional PR: The Digital Dynamo

Emerging from the rise of digital technologies, non-traditional or digital PR harnesses the vast online landscape to engage audiences. It employs tools such as social media, blogs, and websites to build relationships and shape brand perceptions. Hivemind Creative Marketing, a leading Manchester marketing agency, stresses the importance of leveraging the opportunities presented by the digital world.

Digital PR strives not only to reach audiences but also to impress search engines like Google. By securing backlinks through reputable online media outlets, digital PR can enhance a brand’s search engine optimisation (SEO), improving its online visibility.

In our role as social media marketers, we underscore the pivotal role of social media in digital PR. Social media platforms allow for targeted advertising and offer a means to gauge audience engagement.

Striking the Perfect Balance

The question remains: which approach should you choose? Traditional or non-traditional PR? As a leading Manchester PR agency, we believe the answer lies in your specific objectives. If you’re looking to cultivate local brand awareness and desire a high degree of control over your narrative, traditional PR could be the best choice. Conversely, if you aim to extend your reach globally and capitalise on online platforms, digital PR would likely be more beneficial.

As social media marketers, we typically recommend a blended approach. Merging the authenticity of traditional PR with the reach and measurable engagement of digital PR often yields optimal results.

Conclusion: Harmony in Hybridisation

Does the rise of digital PR signal the demise of traditional PR? We think not. While digital PR is growing rapidly, traditional PR retains its unique strengths. As a forward-thinking Manchester marketing agency, Hivemind Creative Marketing advocates for the integration of both traditional and non-traditional strategies for a comprehensive and effective PR campaign.

Whether you’re seeking a Manchester PR agency, a Manchester marketing agency, or social media marketers, Hivemind Creative Marketing has you covered. We’re here to help you navigate the evolving PR landscape and design a strategy that propels your brand forward. Contact us and let’s create something remarkable together.