Infini Concepts, Hayal at The St. Regis Downtown Dubai

Infini Concepts and The St. Regis Downtown

Hivemind Creative Marketing flawlessly organized two spectacular launch events for Hayal – Flavours of Istanbul, at The St. Regis Downtown Dubai. This luxurious dining venue is a collaboration between Marriott International and Infini Concepts, renowned for curating premier dining experiences such as TABŪ.

Hayal showcases modern Turkish cuisine with unmatched presentation and vibrant entertainment, providing a five-star dining experience from start to finish. Situated on the mezzanine floor of The St. Regis Downtown Dubai, Hayal’s captivating design is a harmonious blend of traditional Turkish elements and contemporary flair, echoing the dynamic spirit of Istanbul city. The stunning decor, juxtaposed with panoramic views of Downtown Dubai skyline and the sparkling Dubai Water Canal, makes for a truly innovative gastronomic adventure.
The successful launch of Hayal underscored Hivemind Creative Marketing’s prowess in delivering memorable experiences and in positioning the venue as a premier choice for fine dining in Dubai, further strengthening our reputation in the hospitality and fine dining sector.